Patient Information

General Practitioner Referrals

Darwin Paediatrics encourages you to have a continuing relationship with your GP, and we will keep them informed of your child’s progress. After your child’s treatment has been completed, we will refer you back to your GP.

The Australian health care system (Medicare) requires our patients to have valid referral prior to their appointment. This referral allows you to obtain a rebate on the appointment cost. We will process your rebate online for you at the clinic at the time of your appointment. A referral from the GP is valid for 12 months.

You may bring your referral with you on the day of your appointment, or alternatively referrals may be faxed to 08 8920 6048 or emailed to

Referrals from Specialists

Referrals from specialists are only valid for 3 months, this includes a newborn referral from your obstetrician. Families are able to make appointments without a referral, however, they cannot obtain the Medicare rebate for the appointment. Appointments can be made by contacting our reception via email on or by phone on 08 8929 6948

Advice on fees and out of pocket expenses can be obtained from our reception at the time of booking. Medicare rebates are available for all patients with a valid referral and a Medicare card.

Appointments for Learning Difficulties, Developmental and Behavioural Assessment

Behavioural and Developmental issues are complex and require a thorough assessment that typically includes input from the family, teacher/child care staff and any other allied health care providers involved in the care of your child.

Generally, a complete assessment will require at least three appointments over several weeks to allow our doctors to come to a comprehensive understanding of your child’s individual requirements. In many cases we will request caregivers to complete some questionnaires to help us with our assessment. Please speak with our friendly reception staff if you have further questions regarding this process or costs involved.